Book a Court

For complete flexibility we operate an online booking system for the Squash courts along side a touchscreen “kiosk” within the court area itself. Simple and easy to use, the system allows anytime, anywhere court booking, with complete and realtime visibility of availability. It is quite often possible to play off peak (daytime and weekends) without booking, however lunchtimes and evenings generally require a booking.

How to book

The online booking System can be accessed here:

You will need your username and password to login to the Booking System Website, and you will need your PIN to use the “kiosk” touch screen at the Club.

Please do not share your login details and PIN number with other members. You can change your password and PIN when you log-in to the booking system website. If you change your PIN please remember to keep it secure.

When you book a court, please be sure to select your playing partner/opponent’s name to show on the booking entry.

Booking fees

  • Each Member has an account within the booking system and must have credit in order to book a court.
  • You can purchase credit (£10 minimum) with any credit/debit card when logged into this website. Your transaction will be processed by Stripe.
  • Booking Fee £2.00 per 40 minutes.
  • There’s no booking fee when booking within 20 minutes prior to start time (or after the start time has elapsed).
  • Light meters £3 per 40 minutes (£1 = 13 minutes 20 seconds)
  • Members can share booking fees by using the facility to Transfer Credit. On the day playing, the system will automatically send an email to invite playing partners/opponents to use this facility to share the booking fees paid by the member who booked the court.

Cancellation & refund policy

  • When unable to play, please cancel as soon as possible so others may use the court.
  • Full refund (as booking system credit) when cancelled more than 5 days prior.
  • No refund when cancelled within 5 days prior, unless the court is re-booked – in this case, the late-cancellation charge is automatically refunded as booking system credit (and no charge will appear on your booking system account).